The Impossible Project Resurrects Barbie Edition Polaroid 600 Camera

The Impossible Project has long since proven its name a misnomer – their efforts at bringing back instant photography and the Polaroid cameras that used to make it happen have borne fruit on a number of occasions. And now, they’re bringing back Barbie.

The Barbie Edition Polaroid 600 Camera has been remastered and made ready for the public eye once again. Part of that is finding old units and getting them into tip-top shape, with the other part being the development of new film that can be used with Polaroid cameras. Two packs of that new film, PX 680 Color Protection film, are included along with your purchase of the Polaroid 600 Barbie Camera Kit.

The camera itself still has the frog tongue, flash, and Barbie stylings of the original run of Barbie 600 cameras. You can purchase the new-and-improved Polaroid 600 Barbie Camera Kit from the Impossible Project for $155.

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