Belkin WeMo Light Switch Lets You Flick the Lights Without Breaking a Sweat


At long last, Belkin has put an end to one of the most infuriating problems of home lighting. How do you stop your kids from flicking the lights on and off, just to annoy the rest of the family? You do it with the WeMo Light Switch.

The WeMo Light Switch rips away the small satisfaction of flipping the light switch on and off, but if it means no one can do the stupid strobe thing, so be it. The WeMo Light Switch is actually a Wi-Fi receiver that replaces your old light switch, and connects to the wiring behind it. That way, you can control the light with a smartphone or tablet app. The app works over both Wi-Fi and data networks, so you can control that light from wherever you want – at work, on vacation, or on the couch and too lazy to get up and walk the few extra feet.

Lights can also be put on a schedule, so they will turn off and on at appointed times. It probably won’t be that useful of a feature at first, but then you’re going to find that one situation where it’s really convenient, and you’ll probably feel pretty good about your purchase.

Installation will be a DIY job, but there will be detailed instructions that should make it easy enough not to screw up the wiring bit. If you want to set up your whole house with WeMo switches, you’ll need to install one switch per light, and they don’t work with metal faceplates or multi-switch lights. If those two aren’t concerns, you can have all your lights on WeMo switches, then control all of your house’s lights from that one app. That way, you can get remote revenge on your kids, anywhere, anytime.

The WeMo Light Switch is available now for about $50. Take into account that the app only works on iOS device running 5.0 and up, or Android devices running 4.0 and up.


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