Rumored Budget iPhone 5C Shows up in Photos


Well, as far as iPhone rumors go, these seem to carry a little more merit than some past attempts. Pictures of packaging and a video breaking down what appears to be the plastic shell of the upcoming budget iPhone have surfaced, and they seem to indicate Apple’s imminent entry into the low-cost market.

YouTube user DetroitBORG posted up a six minute video detailing the plastic back of what should be the budget iPhone, which some analysts are predicting will see a September release date. You can watch the video for copious amounts of details, but in sum, it appears that this will be a 4” plastic phone, and will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 5. The back indicates there will be a rear-facing camera accompanied by an LED flash, also like the iPhone 5. Being a cheaper phone, it looks like it will lack most of the fine detailing that went into the construction of the iPhone 5, but that should also make it more practical and resistant to damage than its more expensive brother. The guy behind the video also has slides that show that the new phone will be available in multiple colors.

Also, a Chinese site by the name of WeiPhone posted a picture of what will probably be the plastic packaging for the budget iPhone, which bears the name iPhone 5C. There’s also a picture originally posted on Weibo that’s making the rounds of what appears to be a fully constructed budget iPhone, complete with all the legal junk printed on the back.

So, nothing is for sure yet, but these leaks seem to be the most credible of all budget iPhone rumors thus far. I think now we can somewhat safely say that the iPhone’s return to plastic is going to go down soon.

Via Mac Rumors

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