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Must Have Clothing That Keeps Your Skin Safe Without Sunscreen


We all know the scary facts about how dangerous it is to not protect your skin from the sun. But here are few fun styles that will not only keep you safe in the sun, but make you look good too!

Sunwear: This Ain’t Your Momma’s Sunshirt

Skin protection is now widely lodged into the national psyche of young and old alike. So new, fashionable, trendy options are popping up everywhere for Sunwear. What is Sunwear? Essentially it is clothing built specifically to be breathable but reflective of sunlight. Oftentimes this means reflective microfibers are sewn into the shirt creating an SPF of 50+. The perk of Sunwear is that it doesn’t wash off like sunscreen.


Are you thinking that summer is too hot for extra clothes? Many users often report that they are in fact cooler in a Sunshirt or hat then they were without it, long sleeves and all. How can this be? With a layer of reflective, thin, ultra breathable material, you are spared the direct scathing rays of sun and thus the heat. It is like being under an umbrella at the beach. Have you noticed how much hotter the sun is on the sand out of the shadows? That is like your skin. Good Sunwear is form fitting, but a tiny bit loose so as to create an area for your skin to cool down by convection, or air blowing through.

What to look for:

  • Moisture wicking. You want material that advertises this material so you don’t end up in a sweaty shirt, but rather one the effectively sweeps away moisture and keeps you cool. Synthetic materials do this. They allow air in and moisture out.
  • UVA and UVB Protection. UPF 50 and up will block 98% of these two rays. Many sunscreen lotions will only shield you from limited UVA but not UVB making for a serious risk. Sunwear covers both, often utilizing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Better on your shirt than on your skin.

Ways to Incorporate Sunwear:

Remember that even if you aren’t covered head to toe, a little protection on some of you goes a long way. Try throwing in one piece at a time.


At the Beach:

Bring a beach wrap like the Coolibar Aire Wrap (pictured in the gallery above). This wrap is an indescribably light and soft material, almost like you are wearing nothing at all. The cute center tie pulls in for a great shape, and it provides an SPF of 50+. The design comes in several colors and is adorable.



A long sleeve sunshirt that is super breathable is very comfortable for hiking even with a backpack and completely shields you from the rays. I can hardly believe how much cooler I am on the days I use a sunshirt. Coolibar’s Adventure shirt is the perfect safari style shirt for women. It has two zip pockets in the front, two velcro slits on the chest, and two on the back. The side body panels are seriously vented as well as cut to provide a nice hourglass shape. The sleeves can be rolled up and clipped into the top arm portion for when you really need the ventilation. We highly recommend this shirt (pictured in the gallery above).

Also, a Buff, or a Sun Bandana when tied around your neck is incredibly cooling and protective. Coolibar has some super cute options and Buff has adorable designs that can really make your eyes pop.




Especially if you are at high risk, such as being exceptionally fair skinned, or if you have had a fling with skin cancer before, you may want to try out a long sleeve swim shirt. They are very cute options. If that is too much for you try a cute Sunwear summer dress for over your suit. The Pareo Cover Up caught our eye.



A Day in the City:

Check out a super cute Sun Skirt. They come in all sizes and shapes and are a great way to add in some protection along with a serious touch of fashion. Like this Wrap Skirt.

Overall, it is important to remember that sun protection is a must. It doesn’t have to be complicated and Sunwear can let it be super cute and attractive as well. Some find that they like to use suncreen on some occasions and sunwear on others, or mix the both. Parents out there will be happy to know that there are even more options out there for kids in sunwear. So as long as you are looking out for your skin, enjoy your summer!



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