PETA OK with Dog Hair Dye Critter Colors

crittercolor_All_colorsHumans aren’t the sole purveyors of hair dyeing anymore – Critter Color is getting your pets (the furry ones, anyway) in on the fun.

Critter Color is a new line of safe, wash-out hair (fur?) dyes for pets. You can rub the dye into the fur or dilute it and use it as a spray before drying with low heat. After that, your furry friend will be rocking a whole new ‘do, and will be ready to be an edgy distraction in their obedience classes.

The colors in the line can be mixed, too, if you want to get just the right shade. The dyes wash out in between one and a few baths, and, if it’s important to you, the dyes are PETA approved and free of animal cruelty. That probably is significant – PETA doesn’t seem like the easiest group in the world to please.

Critter Color comes in orange, dark pink, light pink, purple, yellow, blue, green, and red, but there’s no word just yet on pricing or availability. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested.

Update: PETA has reached out to us to clarify that they actually do not endorse this product.

“In no way does PETA endorse the use of hair dye for companion animals…. We are very pleased that it harms no animals in the making of its products, but we do not endorse hair color for animals. When the company was added to our cruelty-free list, we weren’t aware that the hair dye it manufactures is for companion animals, and we have contacted the company about this matter.”

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