Eco Terra Boombox is Going to Rumble the Waves

ecoterraGo ahead, take the Eco Terra Boombox with you to the beach. While you’re at it, take it into the water with you and down a few feet, too – it should still work. Technically. Not sure how good music is going to sound underwater.

The Eco Terra Boombox is a rugged, IPX7 waterproof boombox that will float if you accidentally knock it into a body of water. Note that it’s waterproof, as opposed to water resistant – you really will be able to submerge this thing in water, without nasty consequences. The boom comes from two 3” forward-facing speakers, and the music can even come from your mp3 player. There’s a waterproof case in the front of the boombox to store smartphones or mp3 players, or anything else pocketable that you don’t want to get wet. Inside that case is an AUX in port.

The boombox will get 25 hours of battery life from four C cell batteries, which I almost forgot still existed. You can get the Eco Terra Boombox from Grace Digital now for about $150.