Former Light Bulb-testing Machine Gets Repurposed as a Bar

It makes me wonder what the people who created this thing in the ’20s would have thought, had they known what their then-cutting edge machine would someday become. I like to think they’d approve.

What you see above used to be a light bulb voltage tester back in 1920s Germany. It wound up unused in a factory, and fortunately withstood the test of time and somehow wasn’t salvaged for war materials during World War II. Then, someone creative got their hands on it and made the machine useful again – as a full bar with room for bottles, hanging glassware, sternware, and wine bottles.

It’s good news all around, because now, this once-useless machine has been transformed into something that will never not be useful. The iron light bulb tester-turned-bar has received an updated finish that brings back the same kind of look the machine would have had back in the ’20s, too. And, it can be yours for $2,000 on Restoration Hardware – not a bad comeback for what was a hunk of junk not too long ago.

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