I Want My Griffin MTV iPhone 5 Cases


Griffin has partnered up with MTV to release a whole slew of new iPhone cases, but no, unfortunately, you won’t be seeing the likes of Beavis and Butthead, Pauly D, or Carson Daly gracing the backs of these guys. Instead they have taken the hipster route.

Griffin’s MTV line features a bunch of patterns that aren’t overtly MTV, but manage to work that ever-unchanging MTV logo in somewhere. Except for the case whose pattern is the MTV logo, of course. That would be pretty overt.


There are 20 designs to choose from, which is a pretty robust number for any line of smartphone cases. So, if you want your MTV, you can get it any way you want. These are all hard cases available for iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5. If you get an iPhone 4/4S case, you also have the option to get an extra layer of silicone for added protection. Those cases will be $35. Otherwise, everything in the line will sell for $30.

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