Incipio offGrid Galaxy S4 Battery Case Packs in 3,100 mAh of Power

sa-092c_1Great, another battery case, right? Well, the Incipio offGrid case for the Galaxy S4 has a little more merit than just being another entry into an unsustainably crowded market.

The offGrid case is surprisingly small for a battery pack case – it’s not that much more bulky than a regular smartphone case. Getting a 3,100 mAh battery into that tiny frame is a pretty unusual achievement too. The extra battery power can be tapped at any time with a button press on the back of the case, and there’s an LED indicator telling you how much juice your case has left. When fully charged, offGrid promises to add about 10.5 hours of talk time to the life of the S4.

You can pre-order the Incipio offGrid Galaxy S4 case now for $90. It’s scheduled to ship on August 5, when it will also turn up in stores.


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