iOS 7 Theme Lands on Android Devices – Blasphemy!


Love the look of iOS 7, but refuse to buy an iPhone for some reason? Good news, I guess – you can finally reconcile your wildly inconsistent tastes with this new iOS 7 theme for Android phones.

You’ll need to use iOS 7 Theme HD Concept with a launcher that lets you change the native icons on your Android phone, like Nova or Apex. If you do, you change your icons to the ones provided by this theme, which have an iOS 7 look to them. Ironic, because it seems like the icons in iOS 7, for whatever reason, were one of the most criticized aspects of the update. But, there are also iOS 7-like wallpapers you can use, so there’s that.

You can grab the iOS 7 Theme HD Concept app off Google Play for $0.99.


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  1. What’s inconsistent with enjoying the freedom and feature set of the Android OS and the aesthetics of iOS 7?

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