iWave Crystal Headphones Rocks the Bling for $2,000

headphonesAnd here you thought Beats were overly conspicuous.

Got $2,000 bucks hanging around? Like lots of Swarovski crystals? The iWave Crystal Headphones, not meant for outdoor use for so very many reasons, are completely covered with Swarovski crystals. 6,500 crystals were stuck onto a pair of Ultrasone PRO 750 headphones by hand, a process that takes upwards of 10 hours for each pair. These are made-to-order, so I’m willing to bet there’s at least one person out there whose heart sinks a little when a new order gets placed.

The headphones themselves feature 40mm titanium-plated drivers and S-Logic technology for “three-dimensional sound.” I’m not totally sure what “three-dimensional sound” means when applied to a pair of headphones, but there it is.


The iWave Crystal Headphones are ready to be the most gaudy piece of headgear you’ve ever donned for just a shade under $2,000.

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