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Jockey Bra Fit Kit Helps Ladies Find the Perfect Bra [Review]

Ladies, probably one of the most difficult pieces of clothing to wear (besides spanx) is the bra. It takes you forever to find the right brand and fit. And god forbid if that company ever goes out of business – because you may have been a size 32D with them, but now some other company is telling you that your bra size is a more like a 33B. Then there is the get an underwire or not to get an underwire debate in your head along with deciding between a soft cup or a padded cup. The choices are endless and frustrating at best.

Jockey is hoping to resolve all that with their Jockey Fit Kit. Will this new kit be the ray of light that women need to find the perfect bra? Jockey is certainly hoping so. Getting custom-measured for a bra is not that new, but the fact you can do it at home is. Instead of some senile woman trying to measure you and your lady bits in public.

The kit includes 10 volumetric fit cups, a color coded measuring tape, instructions, and a coupon for $20 off your first bra. Each cup is numbered and features an arrow, so that you know to point it upwards when cupping your breast. All you need to do is find the right cup for you, the instructions suggest the best fit is when your entire breast is covered and not bulging or spilling outside of the volumetric cup.

Once you find the right cup for you, then it’s time to measure your underbust. Number ‘1’ of the measuring tape should be placed dead center of your underbust as a starting point. Then wrap the rest of the tape around yourself to get the right measurement.

After all the steps are completed  – then it is time to choose whether you want the Jockey Classic Contour Bra, Tailored Contour, Double Lined Contour, Classic Soft Cup, or Double Lined Soft Cup. Everything is done online. Pick your design, enter the numbers for your underbust measurement and cup size and that’s it. The fact you get a coupon for your first purchase is a plus, because these bras are a bit pricey coming in at an average of $60 each.

Thankfully, we can say the whole experience was flawless. We measured ourselves from breast to under-bust and got a great bra. It fits comfortably, doesn’t bulge or sit uncomfortably on my underbust and it looks great under shirts. Was my bra size different than what I thought it was all along? Just a bit, and with these new measurements, my chest just looks and feels better.

While wearing a bra can still be a nuisance, at least Jockey has successfully taken the pain out of finding the one that suits our many different bodies. The Bra fit is just a small investment to get the perfect fit. The Jockey Bra Fit Kit is with Volumeric Cups and Measuring tape is available now for $19.95.


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  1. I’d rather just get the woman at Victoria Secret (or any other highend bra shop) to measure me and bring the a bunch of different bras . . . Is this merely a solution for those who are disconnected from their bodies?

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