Kubxlab Ultra-Thin Wood Case for iPhone 5 Review

We recently reviewed a $169 iPhone case that would make you laugh… no one would believe such a cheesy case could cost so much. Simultaneously, we were reviewing the Kubxlab Ultra-Thin Wood, a case that was quite the opposite experience. The Ultra-Thin has the look of an ultra-premium case for an ultra-affordable price tag. This surprisingly thin case covers the back of your iPhone 5 with real textured wood grain. Protection, on the other hand, is a different story.

iPhone 5 is 7.6mm thick. With Kubxlab’s Ultra-Thin case it’s only 7.99mm, and it only adds 5 grams–it’s crazy! It’s so thin that the sides are somewhat translucent. The case is a perfect fit for iPhone. On the black iPhone 5 it’s hard to tell its a full case and not just a wooden sticker. There’s perfectly sized cutouts for the toggle switch and volume and lock buttons. The bottom ports are fully exposed which means this case will be compatible with almost all docks, chargers, and headphones.

The back of the case is covered in authentic wood with grain you can feel. It looks great and is available in light wood, dark wood, or brown wood. We’re not sure how the wood will wear over time (or if it will chip/splinter). There’s a slightly raised Kubxlab logo on the back, shining in chrome.

The Kubxlab ultra-thin does offer more protection than no case, but we regret to inform you that it’s probably not enough. The case barely exceeds the iPhone’s screen, which was a problem when my phone dropped from a chair two feet onto the ground. The bottom corner of the case shredded and I have an unfortunate bruise on the corner of my iPhone 5. Had it fallen on its back I might have gotten away with just a bruised case.

It’s unfortunate, because protection issues aside, we loved this case. The appearance and form factor are amazing, and the $29.95 price tag is equally as impressive. The Kubxlab Ultra-thin let us down when we needed it most–a little extra protection around the face and corners could have done the trick. If you’re accident prone but want an ultra-thin and light case then you’ll need to look elsewhere. But if you rarely clumsy and drop your phone or place it face down, then it’s definitely worth checking out the Kubxlab Ultra-Thin Wood case from Kubxlab.com or Amazon.com.

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The Good: Extremely light, Surprisingly sleek, Real wood, Premium look and feel, Works with docks, Nice price
Tge Bad: Not protective or durable enough–corner of my iPhone 5 bruised from a small drop and shredded the case

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