Logitech Makes Computer Speakers Cool Again with the Z600



Logitech has come out with an affordable set of Bluetooth speakers that should do nicely for anyone wanting to replace their desktop or laptop’s stock audio offerings.

The speakers, which sort of resemble futuristic towers or the nuclear power plant stacks from The Simpsons, come in a pair and can connect to any Bluetooth device. They also come with a Bluetooth transceiver, so you can use the speakers wirelessly even with computers that are not Bluetooth compatible. The speakers have three drivers each, and can also be paired with up to three devices at once. If you pair up three devices, switching is possible just by pressing pause on one device and play on another.

On the back of the speakers, there’s also a 3.5 mm jack that can be used for connectivity, as well as a flat power cord that shouldn’t be too much of an eyesore.


The Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers come in at a reasonable $150. They probably won’t blow your mind, but if you just need a decent set of speakers and want to dispense with the cords, it looks like these have potential.

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