Luxi Transforms Your iPhone into a DSLR Light Meter

Leave the light meter or the hundreds of dollars you were going to spend on one at home. There’s a cheaper way for DSLR photographers, and it’s called Luxi.

Luxi is a light diffusion dome that you’ll slip over the front-facing camera of an iPhone. When you fire up a light meter app that works with the device, you’ll get information on how much light is striking the subject being focused on. That will tell photographers how much they need to spin those wheels and twist those knobs to get their shutter, aperture, ISO, and other settings just right, so they don’t end up with an over-exposed wash or an under-exposed grey blob.

Luxi is available for pre-order now, with shipping to come four to eight weeks down the road. It costs $25, which is much, much better than the going rate of the average light meter for DSLR cameras.


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