Pick the Right AT&T Mobile Share Plan For You


A new day, a couple new data plans available over at AT&T. The telecom giant has expanded their Mobile Share Plans, which include unlimited talk and text by default, by adding two new data tiers to choose from.

Starting July 26, new and current AT&T subscribers alike can sign up for 300 MB or 2 GB of data per month, in addition to the several other options already available. The average user will probably balk at 300 MB, especially with how much data apps can blow through now, but 2 GB seems like it could be the sweet spot between the too small 1 GB tier and the too expensive $70 4 GB tier.


300 MB of data will cost $20 monthly, with 2 GB coming in at $50 monthly. That’s still pretty rough stuff when it comes to your overall bill – each smartphone on the plan costs $50, so you’re looking at a $70 or $100 bill if you’re just shopping for yourself. There are certainly cheaper options out there, but if you need one of the fastest and most developed 4G LTE networks, then AT&T it is. If you are going to roll AT&T, here’s a handy chart they’ve prepared, breaking down the price tiers by data allotment.

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