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Nooka Zub Zoo 40 is a Watch with Endless Possibilities [Review]


Want to make a statement with your watch? Then slap on the  Zub Zoo 40 from Nooka, and step back and enjoy the throngs of people who will come and stare at your wrist. That’s exactly what happened this week when we took the Zub Zoo 40 out for its big debut. Both friends and strangers were enamored by this big and loud watch.

Is this a smartwatch?

Does it do anything special?

How come it is so wide?

Where can I get one?!

Those were just a few of the questions we were asked on the first day out with the watch. Was it the wide face that attracted so much attention or the unique way it tells time? Or perhaps it is just its big white band. Whatever it is – those we encountered thought the Nooka Zub Zoo 40 was super cool and that it should be on their wrist, and not mine.

So why is the watch called Zub Zoo 40? Well, the 40 part is because the face is 40 millimeters wide. The Zub Zoo part is anyone’s guess.

Besides just being a looker, the Zub Zoo 40 actually has some other things going for it, like the ability to switch between the time and date. It will also operate as a chronograph and has a programmable alarm. The thermometer-like gauge for the minutes adds a cool factor to the watch but also enables the Nooka novice to be able to tell time easily. While some of Nooka’s other watches could be more challenging to determine if you are running late, the Zub Zoo 40 is laid out much more clearly.

Nooka is all about defining your own style, and the one way they are insuring that is with the ability to swap out the polyurethane wristband. The bands are easily removable and doesn’t require a screwdriver or a jeweler. They easily slide off of the face and can be replaced with a new strap for you to mix and match colors – creating your own Zub Zoo 40 personality.


Nooka’s Zub Zoo 40 is just one of their many watches that turns time on its head. The watch offers a unique look, that still enables you to tell the time, while rocking a piece of wrist candy that will ellicit “oooooh’s and aaaaah’s.” The swappable wristband is just icing on the cake. The Zub Zoo 40 from Nooka retails for $119 and the additional Zub 40 straps retail for $20.

The Good: A unique watch that will attract many eyes to your wrist. Time is easy to read. Swappable straps allow you to create a new watch over and over, while creating a personalized style. Available in a bold selection of colors.

The Bad: Polyurethane band may make some people’s wrist sweat. The white band gets dirty very quickly.

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