Open Source Hoverboard Project Brings Us One Step Closer to the Real Thing

Well, Back to the Future Part II promised us hoverboards in 2015, and that means we’re running out of time. But, there’s someone who still believes all hope is not lost, and they’re looking for $1,000,000 to make the impossibl happen. Shame they don’t have a copy of Grays Sports Almanac.

Haltek Industries is the team behind the funding drive on Indiegogo seeking to create a real, working, affordable hoverboard. The pitch is that the technology actually already exists – the problem is that it’s cost prohibitive. Haltek wants to spur research on feasible prototypes using existing technology, like omni-direction tubeaxial blowers (a little like propellers). They want to do that by doing their own research and opening up an open-source community that can also contribute ideas.

The final step will be developing an app to control the hoverboard, which would also include games and saved tricks and a bunch of other sweet hoverboard-related material. That will also be part of the open source project. By harnessing the interested public’s money and ideas, Haltek Industries is hoping to speed along development to meet that all-important 2015 deadline.

Haltek Industries has some pretty heavy-duty machinery on-site, and lists defense contractors as parts suppliers, so they seem to have the chops necessary to spearhead this project. All that’s left is the money, which is on us. You can check out their Indiegogo page and chip in to help make sure you and everyone else can start living the dream in just a couple short years.


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