Apps of the Week: OpenTable Dines on Windows 8 and TheFind Turns Your iPad into a Shopping Fiend

This weeks apps showcase the perfect FIND and how to become a Michelangelo, all while looking for the best restaurant in New York City.

iPad App of the Week: TheFind


Seems like it would be difficult to improve on online shopping, but TheFind found a way.

TheFind is like a giant digital shopping mall, if your local shopping mall just had one checkout area for all the stores inside. Hundreds of stores and brands can be found on the app, and you can shop all of them, fill up one shopping cart, and pay up easily and quickly at the end. You also have the option of saving your payment info to the app, to make things even faster.

As you shop, bookmark items, and buy things on TheFind, the app will start giving you personalized recommendations when you search. That will continue to change with time and your shopping habits. I guess that would be pretty useful, what with the hundreds of stores and all. All of that info – bookmarks, recommendations, and purchase history – can be accessed from the app’s dashboard.

TheFind is available now on the iTunes App Store for free.


Windows Phone 8 App of the Week: Fresh Paint


You can finally become a Microsoft Paint Picasso on the go, now – the Fresh Paint app has arrived on Windows Phone 8.

Fresh Paint was one of the more prominent new Windows 8 apps at launch, aiming to be a completely new Paint with touch devices in mind. If you haven’t seen too much of the app yet, it imitates oils and brush strokes to make you feel more like you’re in front of an easel. You can customize your colors by mixing paint like you would on a palette, making for more vibrant results than good old Microsoft Paint was ever capable of.

The Windows Phone 8 app is the same deal, just shrunk down to smartphone size. You can get it now for free on the Windows Phone Store.


Windows 8 App of the Week: OpenTable


New York City Restaurant Week, which is actually way closer to a month than a week, is going on from now until mid-August. That’s fine timing for OpenTable to finally arrive in app form on Windows 8.

Alright, so the PC might not be the most ideal way to use OpenTable, and if you were using a PC for OpenTable, you would probably use the browser. But, for people who are out and about with Windows 8 tablets (we know you’re out there), this one is for you. OpenTable makes it possible to get reservations quickly at restaurants all over North America.

All the goodies are there – you can quickly see open tables at restaurants around your location, or see restaurants that you’ve recently viewed or favorited. You can browse for restaurants with the same kind of filters you’re used to with restaurant apps, or browse using a map.

All good to know, because with New York City Restaurant Week here, you’re definitely going to want to make some reservations.

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