Samsung Rolls Out the Drool-Worthy Line of F9000 Ultra HD TVs

samsungSamsung is rounding out its slate of Ultra HDTVs in the United States with the upcoming release of the F9000 line, which will include 55” and 65” sets.

The F9000 televisions include Samsung Smart TV with Samsung’s new Smart Hub, which is coming standard with just about all of Samsung’s major television offerings now. These sets will also be capable of up-scaling SD and Full HD content to Ultra HD (4k) quality, to tide you over until 4k content starts becoming more widely available. As for picture quality, darker pixels are dynamically dimmed to increase contrast and make black pixels darker while you’re using the television, for a sharper picture. A quad-core processor should make it easier to swap quickly between watching television and using apps on the Smart TV interface.

The F9000 line also comes with its own sound system – 2.2 channels of 70 watt sound – but chances are if you’re ponying up for one of these, you have bigger plans in store for audio. One big built-in plus is that the F9000 will work with Samsung’s Evolution Kits, which allow you to buy upgrades for your current television in the future, rather than have to buy an entirely new television to stay current.

Pre-orders for the F9000 line will start on July 21. The 55” F9000 will sell for $5,500, with the 65” model coming in at $7,500. Shipping for both models should take place sometime in August.

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