San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Recap: LEGO Movie, Veronica Mars, and Loki!!

veronica Mars

The State of Pop Culture has been laid down, with San Diego Comic-Con 2013 just about out the door. And, because this is 2013, we don’t just know what’s coming up in the next year, but for a few years after that (thanks, Marvel). Comic-con, which has gone from niche nerd get-together to full blown celebration of anything that goes on a screen or a page and has legions of fervent fans, brought every bit of the fan service, big announcements, and tantalizing trailers that we’d expect, along with all the fan devotion that makes the whole thing happen in the first place.

There’s no shortage of things to be excited for, and we’ll try for now to forget that at least some of those things are going to end up total busts (Superman/Batman movie, our wary eye is on you). But, since Comic-Con threw so much at us in just three days, it’s time to get to pruning (which, with this Comic-Con, is like taking the shears to Yggdrasil). Here are our picks for the most intriguing bits from Comic-Con 2013.

Veronica Mars

Comic-Con is all about fan service, but we’re most excited for the movie that flipped the idea of fan service on its head. The Veronica Mars movie, the result of the most successful Kickstarter project ever, was all about the fans serving their beloved fallen show. Fortunately, it looks like the service will be going both ways – the Veronica Mars movie will see the return of all major characters, thrust about ten years forward (real-time, since the show’s cancellation). It’s looking great – the cast and crew showed off a few clips from the movie, which will hit theaters in 2014. In those ten years, Veronica has ditched the whole private eye deal, and is now on her way to becoming a lawyer (there’s a shot of her interviewing with a potential employer, played by Jamie Lee Curtis). But, something’s pulling her back in to her old habits. The whole thing looks like a giant Neptune High 10-year class reunion, with all the quips, snipes, and occasional roughhousing that you would expect, well, from any high school reunion. But especially from a Veronica Mars reunion.

The LEGO Movie

So, this one might require some explanation. Actually, the explanation is simple enough – remember that LEGO science fortress headed by Batman and Legolas that you built like 10 years ago (or last month, whatever)? And all the crazy stories you made up after that? Well, that’s going to be a movie. A LEGO movie.

The LEGO Movie will merge stop motion LEGO brick animation with CGI – it’s a LEGO movie, but it’s going to have some polish. The directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, are shooting for seamless stop motion-CGI integration, so here’s hoping that works out. The cast of mini-figures hasn’t been revealed fully yet, but Superman, the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and a couple original characters are all confirmed, with Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Cobie Smulders in the first three roles, and Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks as Emmett and Wildstyle, the two main characters. There will also be Batman, and Morgan Freeman will be a master builder, and Will Ferrell is playing someone named Lord Business, and Liam Neeson is getting worked in somewhere. It’s coming in 2014, and if you only see one movie in 2014, I think you know which one it needs to be.

And, on an it’s about time note, this will, in fact, be Wonder Woman’s theatrical debut. Make of that what you will.

Some casting information was released at Comic-Con, but here’s a trailer from last month, in case this wonderful news is new to you.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos

If you’ve ever watched Carl Sagan’s classic television series/journey through space and time that was Cosmos, you’ve had your mind blown at least a few times in your life. Musings about our role on this planet and in the universe were weaved together with cutting-edge astronomy made not only understandable, but thoroughly gripping. Well, a lot more endlessly fascinating discoveries have been made since Cosmos originally aired.

Enter Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist with the charm and cult following that makes him a natural successor to Sagan. The new Cosmos will be the same length – thirteen episodes – but will bring the concept into the present day, including all we know now that we didn’t know then. Tyson has shown that he is more than able to captivate an audience in the past, and his sheer enthusiasm and desire to spread the good word about how enthralling the universe can be suggests that this will be must-watch. And, appropriately, Tyson’s not taking his act to a niche audience. He’s trying to reach as many viewers as possible, which is why Cosmos will be coming to FOX, where it will be produced, interestingly enough, by Seth MacFarlane. You can check out the trailer, which debuted at Comic-Con, below.

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