Is Sexcereal the Wheaties For Your Libido?


If men don’t want to use Viagra, and if women don’t want to keep waiting for female Viagra, it looks like someone’s trying to go all-natural with their aphrodisiacs.

Sexcereal is cereal made to, among other things, boost sex drive. There are different versions made specifically for him and her, which is amounts to a slightly different set of ingredients. Actually, a quick look at the ingredients suggests that there isn’t anything specifically sexy about sexcereal. It’s just made of those healthy superfoods that have been all the rage lately, like chia seeds and bee pollen. There’s nothing genetically modified, and everything in the cereal is reputed to be very healthy and nutritious, which leads us to sex – take in more nutritious food, and you’re going to have more energy and less of a drag on your health. And, I think there’s something you can probably do with all that extra energy.

Sexcereal can be had for £9.99, or about $15, for a 300g pack. The suggested serving size is only three tablespoons, so maybe have something else prepared for breakfast, too (the makers suggest milk and yogurt).

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