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SpongeBob SquarePants Concept Vehicle Coming to a Town Near You

Sponge Bob-themed 2014 Toyota HighlanderSpongeBob is out of the pineapple and onto the road in the form of this much-improved 2014 Toyota Highlander.

The Highlander is swathed in SpongeBob decals that cover the entire exterior, with bright yellow seats bearing faces of characters from the show on the inside. The SpongeBob ride is the centerpiece of a whole SpongeBob tour making the rounds, hitting California, Florida, Minnesota, Colorado, Illinois, and Maryland in the next six months. The tour kicked off last Saturday in San Diego at the Padres’ SpongeBob day, which was put on by Nickelodeon.

Coming along for the ride are the cast and people behind the theme song, who will all be doing live performances at the two-day event. So, if you ever wanted to see a SpongeBob episode with the veil of animation pierced, now’s your chance – a bunch of guys onstage acting like SpongeBob and Patrick does sound pretty entertaining. Past all that, there will be face painting, giveaways, and fan art on display. But, the Highlander will be the centerpiece, as SpongeBob rises from the briny depths to start his takeover on land.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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