Staples is Ready For Back-to-School, Whether You Like it Not


Staples isn’t big on waiting until August for back-to-school shopping. Not one to let kids forget that summer ends in traipsing back to the halls of learning, Staples is making all of summer back-to-school shopping season, and they kicked it off on Wednesday with their back-to-school rewards programs, including Reward-A-Classroom.

Reward-A-Classroom goes beyond just helping schools, allowing parents to give a portion of what they spend directly to the teacher of their choice. Teachers tend to spend a lot of their own money on classroom supplies, so Staples’ program will help by sending five percent in rewards on copy and print sales, and two percent on any other kind of sales, to the teacher of your choice. Teachers themselves will earn five percent in rewards back on any and all of their purchases from Staples, including services.

Parents will just get five percent in rewards back on in-store purchases, but can also purchase a Back-to-School Savings Pass, which costs $10 and knocks 15 percent off supplies. It can be used once a day until September 21. The weekly ad will also feature back-to-school sales throughout the summer.

Long story short, Staples is doing all it can to make sure you don’t go anywhere else for back-to-school shopping this year, and they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

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