T-Mobile’s JUMP! Lets Customers Upgrade Their Phone 2X a Year


T-Mobile’s strategy of just not being like everyone else got another boost today, with their Jump! program. Without two-year contracts, T-Mobile felt like they didn’t need to hold themselves or customers to the same phone for two years. So, now you can upgrade up to two times per year, which is about right considering how fast phones come out now.

T-Mobile customers will be able to sign up for the Jump! program for an extra $10 monthly fee, which in a way will supplant the previous monthly protection fee. T-Mobile’s protection services against malfunction, damage, loss, and theft will all be included along with the Jump! upgrade program. If you want to use the upgrade part, you would turn in your old phone in “good working condition,” at which point you would be eligible to buy a new phone for the same prices available to new customers.

Because T-Mobile now sells phones on installment payment plans, you might be wondering what happens to all the payments you haven’t made on your previous phone. Those remaining payments get wiped out, and you’ll only need to start paying for your new phone.

Customers will need to be enrolled in the Jump! program for at least six months before making an upgrade. After that, you’ll be able to upgrade to a new phone two times per year.

T-Mobile is also starting to offer some of their family plans without requiring a credit check. Currently, families can add four lines to a Simple Choice plan, which will include unlimited everything plus 500 MB of high-speed data, for $100 monthly. Those who don’t want to do a credit check will have to put down a deposit equal to one month’s bill, instead.

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