Hit the ’90s Button – You Know You Want To

Photo Credit: Deano in America

It’s already worth it to head over to this site for the throwback tiled Geocities-esque background and the picture of the Hoff, but this site has so, so much more to offer. It has instant ’90s music.

Clicking on the Hoff will grant you an endless stream of ’90s tunes straight from YouTube. And goodness no, it does not discriminate. You will get the Backstreet Boys, followed by early ’90s dance tracks. There will be nonsense words in the chorus. LL Cool J will lay down sweet tracks. That one song will play from that one band, but you forgot their name because that one song was all they had. It’s like the ultimate composite ’90s radio station, perfect for a time when we actually listened to radio stations on the radio.

You’ve even got the man who set the tone for the ’90s donning the parachute pants above the Hoff’s noble visage. And, for this incredible service to the entire Internet, the programmers ask of you only one thing. Beer money. Surely, not too much to ask.

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