No More Scribbling On Napkins – UpWrite Turns the Whiteboard into a Desk

UpWrite60LowTiSktchBehold, as the table transcends itself. No longer just a static piece of furniture, it now grows and changes to suit your needs. It is the future. Of the table.

UpDesk has made adjustable tables before – tables that can convert from sitting to standing desks thanks to motorized legs. The UpWrite does one better, by replacing the tabletop with a sturdy, load-bearing whiteboard. You can scrawl down ideas as they come, use it to create your own tabletop artwork, or brainstorm, or whatever. Whatever you do with whiteboards, you can do it with this table.


The tabletop also curves out a little bit around you on the sides, for a more ergonomic working space. That also makes the table treadmill-friendly, if you’re actually one of the people who does the whole treadmill/standing desk combo in your home or office. You can also IKEA the whole thing up from pieces in about 20 minutes, so assembly isn’t too bad. With the remote, it’s possible to program three height settings that you can switch between easily.

The UpWrite comes in only one size – 60” x 30” – and is selling on UpDesk for $1,149.