VIPRE Internet Security 2013 Review

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Untitled 7More and more, people are looking to anti-virus programs that just get out of the way. Previous Internet security suites’ infamously Orwellian presence has had its day in the sun, and has long since fallen out of favor. But, getting out of the way means a few things – including dispensing with bloatware and using a small share of system resources. VIPRE Internet Security 2013 nails both.

VIPRE offers a standard Internet Security suite – anti-virus, anti-malware, and a firewall. You won’t find extensive email protection or anything like that, but VIPRE probably rightfully assumes that you already have your bases covered there, anyway. VIPRE sticks to what it does well, and it doesn’t try to stick its tendrils into everything you do on your computer.

That becomes clear during the install process. Typically, the install process would not be noteworthy. But, VIPRE’s is gloriously, wonderfully, lacking in extra toolbars, add-ons, and other pork barrel programs that you never want to install but somehow always accidentally do. You just install VIPRE, and that’s it. Next time you use your Web browser, VIPRE won’t be your default search provider or your home page. It’s great.

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VIPRE stays out of the way in practice, too. You can schedule regular virus scans, and VIPRE’s suite of protection tools all run in the background. On a notebook running on a 3rd generation Intel i7 processor, VIPRE’s whole suite of background protection tools used up less than one percent of the CPU, along with equally low amounts of system memory. It’s lightweight and won’t slow your computer down.

VIPRE also tries to stay out of your way by automatically taking recommended actions during scans, instead of notifying you. Of course, not everyone is going to be on board with that, so you can choose to be notified before VIPRE takes any actions on your behalf. The default, however, is for automatic action. If you’re concerned about the repercussions of deleting some possibly infected files, you can have VIPRE create a restore point by checking a box before taking actions. It’s a quick and simple way to make sure you won’t have to resort to a system restore in case of unintended consequences.

VIPRE can also block unwanted programs on your computer, although you can create a list of trusted programs, in case VIPRE gets a little overzealous. There are a couple of other useful features, like automatic scanning of USB drives upon insertion and a secure file eraser tool, which permanently removes file information from your machine as opposed to throwing it in the recycle bin, from which that information is still technically recoverable.

You can give VIPRE a try now for free – one thing VIPRE does have in common with other Internet Security suites is the venerable 30-day trial. Head over to VIPRE Internet Security for more information.

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