VTech Debuts InnoTab 3S Tablet Now with Kid-safe Texting

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It seems VTech hasn’t abandoned Wi-Fi, after all. Shortly after their announcement of the InnoTab 3, VTech has unveiled the InnoTab 3S, a device of a similar size with Wi-Fi capabilities, and cemented their “S” line as their Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

The InnoTab 3S has the same 4.3” screen, and the same large, easy-to-grip bezel with physical buttons as the InnoTab 3. However, while the InnoTab 3 was clearly designed to be used mostly in portrait mode (the button orientation), the 3S is designed to be used more like a tablet in landscape mode, and also features a D-pad on the left side.

Functionally, it’s still similar to the InnoTab 3, because the two are using the same software. VTech’s collection of cartridges and apps on the Learning Lodge can be browsed by kids and parents alike, and features educational content including eBooks, music, videos, apps, and games. Thanks to Wi-Fi, kids will be able to browse the Learning Lodge from the InnoTab 3S, but they won’t be able to buy anything. Instead, like with the InnoTab 2S, they can create a wish list of apps and cartridges they want and send it to parents’ smartphones and tablets.

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There will also be a web browser, but not the kind mom and dad enjoy. Kids will be able to use it to shop for apps and use VTech’s own kid-friendly sites, so it’s very much a walled garden. Wi-Fi also enables VTech Kid Connect Basic, which allows kids to exchange stickers and texts with mom and dad’s smartphones (assuming they’re Android or iOS). The premium version of Kid Connect will cost $15, and will add voice messages, pictures, and drawings to that list. And, if kids have friends who also have the InnoTab 3S, they can exchange messages with them, too. A Deluxe Apps Package will be available until the end of October, which will include Kid Connect Premium and a movie maker app. After October, it will go up to $20.

The InnoTab 3S has 4 GB of storage, with a Micro SD card slot opening up an extra 32 GB. There’s also a 2 MP camera that can rotate to be a front-facing or rear-facing camera. And, best of all for those who follow VTech’s line of devices, a rechargeable battery finally is coming standard with the InnoTab 3S.

The InnoTab 3S is being priced at $100, and is available now for pre-order. The InnoTab 3S will also come with 20 free, pre-loaded apps.

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