Give Your Wine the Finger, For Being So Delicious

screw_youGot a particularly stubborn cork? Tell it what’s up with the Screw You Bottle Opener, a novelty that is sassy and perplexing all at once.

The Screw You Bottle Opener, which would have been so much better named as Corkscrew You, is an immediate necessity at all classy wine and cheese parties now and in the future, for obvious reasons. That said, you might want to give this thing the finger after a few minutes, because there’s no leverage or counter-force here to help you remove the cork. So, you’re going to have to brute force it out, which is always occasion for throwing out some f-bombs, the fine china of cussing. Completely appropriate for wine and cheese parties.

You can get the Screw You Bottle Opener off Urban Outfitters for $14.