Zoom Offers Complete Video Conferencing Experience for Businesses

video_conferenceThis post brought to you by Zoom. All opinions are 100% mine.

For business customers looking for solid enterprise software, it can be a challenge to keep overhead low and not sacrifice too much in the way of functionality. Fortunately, in the world of #VideoConferencing and #Collaboration, it looks like there’s a reasonably-priced offering that’s come with some impressive features usually found on more expensive pieces of software – Zoom.

Zoom offers up the basics that you would expect – secure, internal voice and video communications for your entire workplace, including those who are on mobile devices. And, as with most similar systems these days, Zoom’s own cloud servers handle most of the heavy lifting where data is concerned, lowering operating costs for your office. Where Zoom starts to shine is with screen sharing. Everyone offers screen sharing from PCs – not as many offer the feature with mobile devices, as well. Zoom does, supporting all the mobile people on your team – and you no doubt have quite a few.

The Zoom Room Connector gives you flexibility. The system can hook up your hub – the videoconferencing room – to all devices in question by connecting H.323/SIP room systems with all the computers and mobile devices you need to include on calls. You’ll also have the option to use your company’s internal network for calls, or choose the Virtual Room Connector to run calls in DMZ. The Cloud Room Connector, on the other hand, will use Zoom’s cloud servers.

The Zoom Meeting Connector is another useful addition for managers, gathering all voice, video, and content data from your company’s calls made using Zoom, and bringing it all back to you.

All of that is pretty good, but the best part is the price – $10 per month per host, which although not #Free, it’s still a very good deal. There aren’t too many products out there that can offer that kind of functionality at that price, so if you’re looking for a new unified communications system for your office, Zoom is certainly worth a look.

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