Apps of the Week: Send Anonymous Texts and Mapquest is Back


Android App of the Week: Anonymous Texting Pro

In what I guess could be called the spirit of Snapchat, we have Anonymous Texting Pro for SMS, an app that lets you send and receive anonymous text messages – we won’t ask why.

Basically, all of the texts get routed through the app, so when the recipient gets it, they won’t have your number along with it. Instead, they’ll get a random number that the app temporarily assigns to you. Since you’re just dealing with the app, the text also won’t show up on your phone bill. That also means that you can send these SMS messages from devices without a SIM card, like tablets.

When you download the app, you’ll get five free texts to send, and can receive an unlimited number of messages for free. After those first five, you’ll have to pay for credits to keep sending messages.

Anonymous Texting Pro for SMS is available now for free on Google Play.



Windows 8 App of the Week: Flightware

FlightAware isn’t content to just be your run-of-the-mill airport information app. Instead, it’s bringing you real-time information about almost any flight in the air that is open to public knowledge.

Using the app, you can track airline flights, private flights, and charter flights. That includes tracking routes and receiving notifications of any cancellations or delays that might happen. You can search for flights by flight number, aircraft registration, route, airline, city, or airport code. For worried parents with kids young and old traveling by themselves, it’s practically a dream come true.

Another fun addition is that you can allow the app to track your own location, so you can identify flights that are in the air in your area. So, if you’re wondering where a flight overhead is cruising off to, you’ll be able to find out instantly.

FlightAware is available now for free on the Windows Store.



Windows Phone 8 App of the Week: Mapquest

Today, Google Maps runs the show when it comes to quick driving directions. But, back in the pre-smartphone era, when you printed out directions from the Internet, there was only one word in online maps and driving directions – MapQuest.

MapQuest is still around, now owned by AOL. And, as of now, it has an app out on Windows Phone 8. You’ll get driving directions, real-time traffic updates, and voice-guided directions. And, as it’s always been, you’ll be able to find points of interest along your route by using the map.

MapQuest also makes pretty good use of the Live Tile. You can pin a destination to your home screen as a Live Tile, and then glance at it for updates about your route while you’re traveling. Just one more way to prevent the dreaded “Are we there yet?”

MapQuest is available now on the Windows Phone Store for free.



iPhone App of the Week: Hallmark Go Cards

You know, the e-card never really caught on. For some reason, getting the physical paper card just carries a little more meaning, a little more emotional heft. Then again, it’s really, really easy and convenient to do everything online.

Enter Hallmark with the ultimate compromise – Hallmark Go Cards. Using the app, you can either browse for cards by occasion or receive recommendations based on who’s getting the card and what kind of tone you want to strike. Once you’ve settled on a card, you can write your own message, upload a picture, and even add your signature using a stylus or your finger.

But, the end result isn’t an e-card. Instead, Hallmark will print your personalized card and send it to the intended recipient for you. They get something tangible to hold onto, and you don’t have to dredge the greeting card aisles hopelessly for 45 minutes before giving up. That’s a real win-win.

The Hallmark Go Cards app itself is free to download, and each card costs $3.49. That price includes Hallmark shipping the card, too.

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