Balcony BBQ Will Make Your Neighbors Salivate

bbqThe traditional home with a huge backyard and a huge front lawn is not a reality for more and more people. Views of the city from a floor in the double digits is. That doesn’t mean suburbanites get to have all the barbecuing fun. City dwellers just need to get a little more creative and use all the space they have available. The Balcony BBQ helps.

Yeah, there’s always been the hibachi for apartment grilling, but there’s rarely, if ever, been anything more ideal for apartment grilling than this. The Balcony BBQ takes up no space on the ground of your balcony. Instead, you just latch it on to your balcony railing, and go get yourself some coals. Really, that’s the best part – this will force you to learn how to grill with coals, which you’ll be so grateful for later on. It’s a gift in so many ways.

It’s a nice set-up, too, with a powder-coated metal bin and a stainless steel grill. You’ll have fastenings that will get you started on balconies, railings, and walls, if you want to suffuse your apartment with the smell of cooking meat (awesome) and/or want to set off the smoke alarm (less awesome). Also, the sales description says you can use it as a plant container when it’s not summer, but I take issue with that. It’s never not grilling weather.

The Balcony BBQ is available for pre-order on Firebox now for a little less than $94.

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