Bitcasa Offers Truly Unlimited Storage for Computer, Tablet and Phone

Bitcasa is saying mi casa es su casa to everyone, offering unlimited cloud storage space to anyone interested. If that strikes you as a bold claim, well, it is. It’s also a true one – taking advantage of Bitcasa’s hospitality will net you unlimited storage for every kind of file.

Bitcasa’s main feature is its Infinite Drive – a personal cloud drive that shows up as a hard drive on your device, without any limits on storage space. Once your files have been uploaded, they can be accessed using apps on Windows 8/RT, Mac, iOS, or Android, in addition to any web browser — it’s like magic! And, it’s not just for storage space – once your files, videos, music, movies and all your photos are up in Bitcasa’s cloud, they can be streamed to any of your devices and viewed offline by marking files as a “Favorite.”

And, just to show how ludicrously generous of a host they are, not only will Bitcasa let you traipse through their house, they’ll let you invite your friends, too. Using Bitcasa, you can share files or entire picture albums with friends and family regardless of file size, just by sending them a temporary URL.

Bitcasa Android app

Bitcasa throws a few extra features in, too. Want unlimited version history of all your files, if you ever need to go back and fix a huge mistake? You’ll get it here. Need to mirror a file, a folder, a website, or even an entire drive? You can do it with Bitcasa – after all, you have unlimited storage. Lose your phone – no problem Bitcasa automatically backs up all your photos and videos on your phone. And, to top it all off, Bitcasa offers AES-256 client-side encryption, to keep your files secure before they even reach Bitcasa’s servers and to make sure no prying eyes ever see any of your stuff.

So, how do they do it? People have gigabytes, if not terabytes of information saved up. How can Bitcasa’s servers handle it all? Surely, no one’s casa is that big, right? Well, Bitcasa uses convergent encryption for your files – they break down your files into chunks of data, and if that chunk of data already exist on Bitcasa, they only keep one copy. By not saving duplicate chunks of data, Bitcasa reduces load on its servers, and is able to keep their wild data party rolling on.

That’s quite a juggling act to pull off, but it’s worth it to help out another group well versed in juggling acts – moms. Moms today aren’t just juggling careers, families, and kids – they’re finding themselves in need of managing the immense amount of data everyone’s got stored on the family devices. Bitcasa is opening up its doors to moms everywhere, more than willing to relieve a little bit of that maternal burden. Normally, Bitcasa goes for $10 per month or $99 per year, but if you use the coupon code CHIP20 when signing up for a year of the Bitcasa Infinite Drive service, you can get 20% off.

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This post has been brought to you by Bitcasa. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. Bitcasa is great on the PC but their APP sucks, it is almost impossible to stream your music or your movies, even on my 50mbps connection it will buffer forever before it even plays a little bit.

    I have also lost files I know was on my infinite drive, poof gone all of a sudden, but I blame that on the way they store things, they scan their system to see if the file you upload already exist, if it does they just refer to that file, I suspect that that system mess up at times and if the origin file is deleted it just disappears from all other people with the same file, but that is just a guess.

    I hope they fix all their problems, but for now I do not trust them even with a icecream recipe.

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