Bluetooth G-Shock Watches Get Updates, Can Now Control Your iPhone’s Music

blueTooth_pressBannerAt G-Shock’s Shock the World event last night, the brand’s new line of Bluetooth-enabled watches was announced. The GB-6900B and GB-X6900B will be capable of limited two-way interaction with smartphones – well, a few smartphones, anyway.

The call and email notifications present on last year’s models are still here. What’s new is that you can now use a button on the watch to operate some apps – most notably, the music player. You’ll be able to use your watch as a kind of remote for your music, which is a pretty nice feature to have if you don’t like going pocket spelunking (skinny jeans wearers, take note). And, now the smartphone can give directions to the watch – you can use your phone to set alarms, a countdown timer, or the world time settings. And, as always with G-Shock, you’ll get shock and water resistance, too.

But, like I said before, compatibility is very limited. As of now, the watches will only work with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and Galaxy S4. It sounds like it’s possible that list will be expanded in the future – that would certainly be nice to see. As of this writing, the GB-6900B and GB-X6900B are not listed on G-Shock’s website, but G-Shock has said that the watches have been released, so keep an eye out at places around you that sell G-Shock watches.

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