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Put a Molecular Bounce in Your Run, Brooks Glycerin 11 Running Shoes Review

Brooks Glycerin 11 Runners are by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever ran in. Every step carried the transition from heel to toe with ease, cushion, and bounce. It also doesn’t hurt that they are beautiful and fun to wear. But the real beauty of these is in the details…

Brooks uses an unique technology in their running shoes called DNA. While many running shoes utilize gel or EVA materials, DNA uses a “non-Newtonian liquid.” Don’t you just love how that name sounds like it can defy gravity? Well, it can’t, but it does feel a little bit like it does. It is a highly viscous liquid that reacts to pressure more like millions of little nanosprings than a typical liquid does. On a molecular level they are made up of strands and chains that can react to the amount of force applied and then disperse the pressure accordingly. Brooks claims that these molecules never break down with normal use. The perk of this material is that it can account for various kinds of gaits and paces. They have a 30% edge in cushioning over other traditional cushioning materials, an edge that only increases with the higher impact. The Brooks Glycerin 11 Running Shoes  also provide a bounce that can transfer into the heel to toe transition increasing energy return.

The bottom of the Glycerin 11 sport OmniGrooves, deep flexible ridges that provide a good street grip while allowing for completely natural bend and roll. With a flat or rubberized sole without ridges, you would feel much more resistance in bend, than with these sneakers. This is considered a neutral shoe, so if you tend to over-pronate, and need additional support, these are not for you. The actual footprint of the show is somewhat larger that where your foot actually sits. The base extends about ¼ inch outside of the width of your foot on all sides. This helps with weight distribution, and is not unsightly, but something to be aware of.

The aesthetic design of the Brooks Glycerin 11 is fantastic. It comes in two color options, both brilliant colors, blue and pink. They are very breathable and incorporate lightweight aesthetic designs that are appealing while not bogging the shoe down. Our favorite bit is the contrasting black and white shoelaces. Black with white edges, they really pop and give a stylish edge to the overall look. However, these still conspicuously scream “Exercise Shoes!” There is no sneaking the Brooks Glycerin 11 by in a causal outfit. They really stand out.


As a half human, half duck, I have massively wide feet. Fortunately, the Brooks Glycerin 11 Running Shoes come in wide width “D.” They fit perfectly. My feet were not constricted, but not swimming with room either. These are priced at a steep $150. While being an excellent shoe, some may find that to be a tad to high for them, especially if they are heavy runners. In my opinion though, a high quality expensive shoe is always worth it, for my knees alone.

Buy it!

The Good: Conforms to your foot, extremely comfortable, and available in wide width. Science meets sneakers giving you a better run and walking experience.

The Bad: Price might turns some away but it is well worth it!

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