Google Chrome Experiment ‘Cube Slam’ Lives on in Firefox


Next time you want to video chat with someone, there’s no reason not to do while playing Cube Slam, a project that originated as a Google Chrome experiment, but is still (sort of) playable on Firefox.

Cube Slam is sort of like Pong, just with power-ups and shields and all kinds of crazy game boards. With your paddle, you try to knock down your opponent’s shields. Once a shield is down, knock the ball in the empty space in your opponent’s defenses to get a point. First to three wins the round. Along the way, there are power-ups that make the ball go invisible, throw another ball on the table, make your paddle longer, speed up the ball, or – the nasty one – a time bomb that takes out most of your shields if it explodes on your side. Eventually, there will be a death ball, and I think you can figure out what that one does. As you progress through the levels, there will be obstacles on the game board that you’ll have to navigate the ball around, too.

It’s pretty fun, but the best part is that you can play it with a friend, and video chat with them at the same time. You can see them on the screen opposite you on the game board. The game’s developers are using peer-to-peer software called WebRTC to circumvent load on third-party servers and allow for video chat without the need for plugins. All you need to do is send a link for the game, and you can start playing and chatting.

If no friends are up for a game, you can also play Bob the Bear, but just a heads up, Bob gets really, really good around level nine. You can also download the Cube Slam Google App to play offline. For now, WebRTC only works on Google Chrome, so you have to use Chrome to play Cube Slam with a friend. If you’re using Firefox, your only company during Cube Slam will be Bob the Bear. He proves to be rather unpleasant company after a while.

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