Evo One is the First Smart Basketball


Hoops is going high-tech with the Evo One basketball, a Kickstarter project looking to stuff a basketball coach into a roundball.

No, no basketball coaches will be harmed in the making of the Evo One. Instead, it will be outfitted with sensors measuring the ball’s backspin rate, axes, and balance when in the air. Specifically, the ball is looking to be a shooting coach – when the ball is shot steadily, and the backspin rate is more or less equal to what the ideal shot should have, the ball will emit a tone. If your shot needs work, the ball will remain silent, the tiny coach within looking on quietly in disdain.

The best part is that you can work on your shot without referencing your smartphone, or tablet, or anything – the Evo One is entirely self-contained. The tone is your only feedback. It won’t affect gameplay, either – even with the sensors in, the ball is balanced and is regulation size and weight. However, if you don’t want to play the game with the ball whistling a bunch every time someone shoots (or, maybe not – depends on who is playing), you can remove a rubber cap on the ball, slide the sensors out, and replace the cap.

The team behind the Evo One call themselves Shooters Revolution. Michael Johnson, Kingsley Costain, and Ryan Holmes – all former collegiate basketball players – teamed up to start Shooters Revolution, and now they’re trying to get their big idea off the ground with Kickstarter. They’re looking for $45,000 in funding, and pitching in $49 now will get you an Evo One, which are scheduled to ship in December or January.

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