GoGo Pillow Joins the Mile High Club

It’s a tablet case, but it can be so much more than that. The GoGo Pillow promises to be an all-in-one travel pillow. This is the perfect companion for members of the mile high club.

The GoGo Pillow is indeed a pillow, with four straps that can be used to secure your tablet in place. It’s plush, but stiff enough to where you can mold it to whatever shape you need, as a landscape or portrait stand, or to use it while it’s resting on your lap. If you unzip it, you can convert the GoGo Pillow into a travel pillow for flights or into a small backpack. As a tablet case, there are straps on the back that you can use to attach it to the back of a car’s headrest, if the kids want to watch something on the tablet while you’re driving.

You can get all this for just $19.95, plus shipping and handling. That pricing is very reasonable when you consider that that is how much your standard neck pillow would cost at the airport, and it wouldn’t have nearly as many tricks up its sleeves. Did we mention that the GoGo pillow is super soft and cuddly? For once, this is one “As See On TV” product that we won’t leave home without.

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