Valentine Valentine Collection Moves from Runway to iPhone Cases

AmandaValentine_ClothingEver wonder what happens to designers on Project Runway after the season ends? Well, now we know what Amanda Valentine, a contestant on the 11th season, has been up to – designing a new slate of iPhone 4/4S/5 cases for Griffin’s Designer Series. And hey, good to know that Project Runway works wonders for everyone, not just the winners – Valentine got the boot on episode 8 of that season.

The Valentine Valentine collection has a kind of South American/Native American vibe to it – one piece is even called Machu Picchu Punk, so that should tell you what you’re in for. The line features three hard cases. Two of those cases, Aztec Mod and Neon Fair Isle, have a glossy finish on geometric patterns, and the other, Pyragrid, is a clear hard case with a hand-drawn design layered on top. The aforementioned Machu Picchu Punk is an iPhone 4/4S/5 sleeve, made of fabric with a brass ring hanging out – kinda looks like your sleeve has a nose piercing.


The entire Valentine Valentine line of iPhone cases and sleeves is available now on Griffin’s website. Aztec Mod and Neon Fair Isle are going for about $30, while Pyragrid comes in at $25 and Machu Picchu Punk costs $50.

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