Heineken Voyage Campaign is Giving Away Free Beer – And Trips!

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Planning one last big summer trip? Well, that first word is your first problem. You can’t plan adventure, and adventures are where legends are born.

So, take a cue from Heineken and go on an unexpected journey (except maybe not as drawn-out and slow as the Hobbit one). Need some inspiration? Look no further than ‘Voyage.’ Heineken’s new spot has a guy in India running around chasing a goat wearing a holster that has beer in it. That’s the kind of thing you need to be doing this month, not booking hotels and bus tours.

But, a guy in a television commercial can do whatever he wants. What about, you know, real people? Well, Heineken covered that, too, with their Heineken Dropped series. Based on the ‘Voyage’ spot, Heineken found four guys from across the globe and, one by one, dropped them off in remote locations and told them to make it back to civilization. One guy gets blindfolded, thrust on a big yellow duck boat in the middle of a river in Cambodia, and given a target address. Now, that might not be as comfortable as staying in the Hilton, but guess which one you’re still going to be talking about in 30 years?

You can check out the first three adventurers’ videos on Heineken’s YouTube page – each guy has three episodes of about two to four minutes long. Live vicariously, then go spin a globe and stop it with your finger and go somewhere. Or, you can buy a pack of beer – special cases of Heineken will have an online code you can use to play a digital navigation game. If luck falls your way, that game will navigate you to greater things – prizes including travel to far-off lands and a little taste of the farthest of far-off lands with a little space training.

You can head over to Heineken’s website to find out more about ‘Voyage’ and the ‘Dropped’ series, as well as a little about Heineken’s robust 140 years of existence – a beer that’s seen many an adventure. And, keep your eyes peeled for later this month, when the fourth ‘Dropped’ adventure kicks off on YouTube.

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