The 7 Hot Phones of Summer

The only thing hotter than the sidewalk at 2 P.M. these days is the smartphone market. There’s been a lot of talk about market saturation lately, and apparently, that’s been a good thing – we’re seeing smartphones that aren’t just high quality, but are bringing new and distinctive features to the table. So, if you’ve gone and lost your phone at one of the who knows how many concerts you’ve been to this summer or had an extremely unfortunate beach accident, good news – now is a terrific time to go phone shopping.

screenshot_1302-620x350Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Those of you whose smartphones met their ends on sandy beaches, here’s your new phone. The Galaxy S4 Active is almost the same as the Galaxy S4 in every way, just with a little more bulk and a little less in the way of display and camera quality. But, oh, the benefits. Imagine a world where you don’t need to buy a new phone if you accidentally drop your phone at the beach, or in a toilet, or in the sink, or in the pool – you get the idea. That world exists, if you get the Galaxy S4 Active – it’s dust resistant and water resistant up to one meter. It even has a special camera mode for taking underwater pictures! Just, do remember to keep the cover on that Micro USB port.

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