imgur iOS App Makes Your iPhone or iPad More Addictive Than Ever


Remove Candy Crush from your phone. Just take it off. You don’t need that anymore. Angry Whatever? Hold that icon down, and tap that little x. The ultimate mobile time waster has finally arrived, and it is not to be topped.

Imgur has an official iOS app.

iOS users can finally light those excess hours and minutes on fire just like their Android friends. With the iOS Imgur app, you can do just about everything you would want to do – browse for images, upload your own, leave comments, vote on images, and manage your accounts. You can upload your meme photos, look at more meme photos, get more inspiration, make and upload more meme photos, and continue the cycle until you get fired or until your bus hums past your stop, reaches the terminal station, and the driver kicks you off.

The official Imgur app is available now for free on oh my god bad pun raccoon you are just too much.

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