Incipio DualPro Shines Bright on the HTC One

With the New HTC One sporting an aluminum body, not too many people have been lamenting a lack of style. So, it’s nice to see a case in the Incipio DualPro Shine that doesn’t cramp that style, adding some style points of its own along with some excellent protection.

The DualPro Shine‘s outer layer features an aluminum finish frame, so it looks right at home on the backside of the New HTC One. That will protect the outside well enough – the all-important shock absorption that you’ll need when your phone takes off down a flight of stairs or something is provided by a layer of silicone lining the inside of the case. Raised edges all along the screen also help to prevent scratches and cracks on the display.

It’s a nice-looking case that’s effective in two ways, so in that sense, the pricing – $35 – isn’t too bad of a deal compared to a lot of other cases out there.