Incipio Rolls Out Moto X Cases

moto_X_CasesIf you’re planning on picking up a Moto X in the near future, you might also want to pick up a case. Well, Incipio is so excited about the new phone’s release that they’re producing eight different cases for you to choose from.

The Atlas Waterproof case is the one you’ll want if you plan on beating the hell out of your new Moto X. It’s water, dirt, and drop resistant, and is made of what Incipio calls a “co-molded Plextonium hard-shell frame.” It satisfies even military standards, so it’s safe to say your Moto X is going to be pretty well protected. Might want to watch out for the screen, though.

Moving on to the external battery pack offering, we have the offGRID Thin Battery Case. This one is packing a 2400 mAh battery that Incipio says will add about 12 hours of general use time to the Moto X. The Watson Wallet with Removable Case, on the other hand, focuses on storing your non-digital material. It’s the same hard-shell case material used in the Atlas above, along with a folio cover made of vegan-friendly fake leather and lined with micro suede. In that folio cover will be three slots good for storing cards or cash.

The NGP Impact Resistant Case is a soft, form-fitting case with a matte finish. Incipio also says it’s tear resistant, which, yeah, I would hope so. Rounding out the collection are the DualPro and feather cases. The DualPro case is your standard dual-protection case – the hard-shell described above on the outside, with an inner silicone layer for shock absorption. That’s going to be bulkier than the feather case, which will be made of the same hard-shell material, but will be kept to 1 mm thick to keep a low profile. Those last two varieties also come in SHINE models – basically, the same cases with faux-brushed aluminum finishes.

Incipio is saying that all the cases should become available when the Moto X becomes available. As of now, you cannot purchase any of the cases from Incipio’s site just yet.

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