Instawink Turns Instagrams Into 3D Lenticular Prints


You remember those funky postcards that cost a little extra, but when you move them around the picture changes? Well, the proper name for those are Lenticular prints, and now, your Instagrams can get the same treatment.

Instawink is a new company and app that lets you choose two Instagram photos (or stills from an Instagram Video) to put on a Lenticular print. Instawinks are 3×3 magnets, so you can throw them on your fridge, and watch the image change as you walk past. The app is well streamlined – just log in to your Instagram account, select two pictures, and submit your order.

The perfect way to kill at least ten minutes moving your hand back and forth will come to you, right now, by way of Kickstarter. $5 will get you one order, assuming the project is funded. You’ll also be able to upload images straight from your computer or mobile device, but you should crop them to make them square, first.

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