Father Suffers From Brunt of Daughter’s iPad Charger Explosion

article-0-1B7B3C15000005DC-807_634x440Today in bad Apple press, we have another charging accident that, fortunately, ended without tragedy. But, the father of the eight-year-old who suffered from a huge shock because of an apparently faulty AC-to-USB adapter thinks he’s very lucky that wasn’t the case.

Tim Gillooley of Widnes, England, received a shock that threw him across the room when he went to unplug the AC-to-USB adapter from the wall socket, which was charging his daughter’s iPad. It gave him burns on his fingers, and he fears it would have been far worse had it been his daughter. Gillooley thinks a shock of that magnitude might have killed her.

Gillooley bought the iPad for his daughter’s birthday last November, and at the time apparently had a third-party adapter. After experiencing issues with charging the iPad, they took it back to the Apple Store, but nothing faulty was found. The family returned with a new Lightning cable and an official Apple AC-to-USB adapter, but the problems persisted – possibly indicating that the problem was with the iPad itself.

That led to the device exploding, shocking Gillooley. Apple wants the charger back to investigate what wrong – since it’s the adapter that blew up, it’s hard to say whether or not the problem is actually on Apple’s end. Either way, the PR problem is on Apple’s end, especially after the tragic death of a Chinese flight attendant killed in July when she touched her iPhone 5, which was charging at the time. The two events are probably unrelated, but if they are related, Apple needs to figure out what’s going on fast, before something like this happens to anyone else.

Via The Daily Mail

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