iSnapx is the Latest Selfie Accessory to Land in Our Hands

screenshot_1513Advances in selfie technology have been made at breathtaking speed as of late. Here’s the latest – another in a spate of remote triggers, this one called the iSnapx. Yes, you live in a world where you have your choice of devices that prevent unwanted camera-holding arm in your selfies. Technology, right?

iSnapx works only with iOS devices, as you’ll need to download an iOS app to use it. The device itself is a small wireless shutter, shaped like a tiny camera. One press of the button means one picture. How you get your iPhone or iPad actually positioned to take said picture is your puzzle to solve. But, there’s no denying it’s better than the mad dash to beat the timer. And for those jumping pictures, these little wireless shutters are positively revolutionary.

The iSnapx connects to iOS devices via Bluetooth, and has a range of 30 feet. You can grab one now from Gadgets and Gear for about $30.

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