Tweet-to-Unlock a New Katy Perry Song During 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

1149391_10151553371011466_660878005_oThe VMAs are this Sunday, and Katy Perry is slated to give a performance of her new single, “Roar.” But, that won’t be the only thing we’ll be hearing from her new album, Prism (assuming that’s unrelated to the NSA, but hey, you never know).

From now until the awards, MTV and Pepsi are putting on a tweet-to-unlock voting contest, which will culminate in one new song from PRISM chosen to be an early release on iTunes on September 17, as a pre-order bonus (the album is expected to hit on October 22). The first step is to get as many people as possible to tweet using the hashtag #KATYNOW. Everyone who tweets will get bits and pieces of two unreleased songs, in the form of lyrics and song titles. Then, some time before the VMAs, MTV and Pepsi will release preview clips of the two songs, and stick them on pepsi.mtv.com.

Once that goes down, two new hastags (probably the song titles) will be released. Fans can vote using the hashtags on Twitter until the end of the VMAs, at which point Perry will perform Roar and the winning song will be announced. No word on whether or not she’ll actually perform it along with “Roar,” but either way, that will be the pre-order bonus song for Prism.

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