Philips Hue Introduces LivingColor Bloom and LightStrips

Philips Friend of Hue Image 3Philips hue, an LED light bulb containing ZigBee wireless electronics and controlled by an app, turned out to be pretty popular when it became available not too long ago. Popular enough, it seems, to where Philips decided they would take the ball and run with it. Their new Friends of hue product line will work alongside that same app, this time offering more complementary light.

6950230PH-IMS-globalThe two products, LivingColor Bloom and LightStrips, bring the atmosphere to the room. Unlike the hue bulbs, which just offer regular yellow or white light, LivingColor Bloom and LightStrips can project 16 million different hues of color each. The LivingColor Bloom is actually an older product (you can still find the previous model on Amazon) that has been updated with ZigBee electronics, pairing it with the hue app system. That’s the only thing different, though – it’s still putting out only 120 lumens, so don’t expect to light a room with it. Do expect to give your room a cool colored lighting effect at your next party, though.

LightStrips are thin strips of LED lights producing the same amount of light as the LivingColor Bloom. You can bend and twist them however you want, to use as borders around furniture or paintings you might have at home. Philips says you can also trim any extra off the end, but that would probably mean the trimmed off parts would become useless, unless you’re particularly good at tinkering with spare parts.

You can find both products available in Apple Stores, after launching late last week.

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